Non Gamstop Casinos

With all the choices available these days, why would you look to play at non Gamstop casinos? There are plenty of great reasons why these sites are so attractive to gamblers seeking a fun new place to play, but one of the main reasons punters in the UK like them so much is due to the fact they are not covered by the Gamstop exclusion scheme.

Cancelling Gamstop, or reversing Gamstop, is simply not an option for anyone who has signed up to its one-size-fits-all approach to exclusion. Yet that is exactly what many excluded players would love to do. Luckily for them, there exist plenty of fantastic casinos not on Gamstop due to them being licensed outside the UK.

Top List Non Gamstop Casinos 2020

Win Diggers
Agent NoWager
Fruity Chance
Golden Axe Casino
Agent Spins
Prestige Spins
Cyber Casino

About Gamstop

Punters in the UK are able to self-exclude from all UK gambling sites using Gamstop’s website. The result is that the player will be blocked from all sites licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). However, as Gamstop is exclusive to sites licensed in the UK, it is still possible to play at sites licensed elsewhere, such as Curacao or Cyprus, or one of the many other licensing bodies around the world.

These ‘non Gamstop’ casino sites very often include the exact same games, activities and features that players already know and love from the bigger name operators in the UK, so are well worth checking out.

To find out more about Gamstop, visit the site here.


Why are some online casinos blocked by Gamstop, while others aren’t?

A Gamstop exclusion can only be enforced by a site which is licensed by the UKGC. Sites outside the UK are not signed up to the Gamstop program and so will accept players serving a Gamstop ban.

Are casinos not on Gamstop safe to use?

Just because a site is not licensed in the UK does not mean it is an unlicensed site. Many other bodies around the world are able to license online casinos not on Gamstop, to ensure players are treated well and all games are run fairly.

I have a Gamstop exclusion – is it legal for me to play?

Gamstop is a purely voluntary scheme and places no legal responsibilities on you, the player. It is perfectly legal for you to choose to gamble at a non-Gamstop casino if you wish to do so.

Are these non Gamstop sites only for slots?

Far from it! You’re likely to find everything you’d expect to see at a major big name operator including sports betting, live dealer games, table games, instant win scratchcards and much more.

How do I stop my Gamstop exclusion?

Gamstop self-exclusions are irreversible and last anything from six months to five years in duration, so there is no way to undo the decision once it has been made. The only way to gamble online while serving an exclusion is to use a non-UK casino which is not licensed by the UKGC and therefore not party to the Gamstop scheme.

Will I be liable for taxes on my winnings?

For UK players on UKGC sites this is a straightforward ‘no’, unless you’re a professional gambler, but casinos sites not on Gamstop do not have to abide by this agreement. As each player’s situation is different, we recommend seeking independent advice from a tax professional.

Does a Gamstop ban stop me from visiting live casinos?

No, Gamstop only applies to online gambling; land-based casinos have their own responsible gaming exclusion list, which is called SENSE.

New non Gamstop Casinos 2020

Choosing a casino not on Gamstop doesn’t mean you need to expect a ‘reduced’ experience. If you’ve previously played at some of the big name operators in the UK you’re sure to find these non-UK sites have all the features you’d hope to find. Here are a few we think are worth checking out.

Crazy Star

We can sum up the main appeal of this online casino site with one word: Starburst!

This slot has long been a favourite of players around the world thanks to its fun but straightforward gameplay and juicy payouts, but many players still assume that these big name slots are the exclusive reserve of big name operators. Fun new non-Gamstop casinos like Crazy Star are here to show you that’s not the case!

We don’t want to give a false impression here, though: Crazy Star Casino has a lot more to offer than just Starburst, with a huge array of table games, video slots and even live dealer casino classics. And what’s more, you can get a huge 525% in welcome bonuses when you make your first deposits!

Go check it out now, and see everything this great new site has to offer.

Fortune Clock

Variety is the keyword here, as Fortune Clock Casino aims to bring everything you could hope to find at an online gaming site under one roof. Casino players will love the massive range of games from which to choose, from staples of the casino floor like blackjack, baccarat and roulette, to a fully-featured sportsbook and an ever-growing list of wild slots!

One thing we love about Fortune Clock is their range of live dealer casino games. There’s something very special about having your own, real life dealer or croupier available 24/7 to turn your cards or spin the wheel, which combines everything we love about online gaming with the best of live casino play.

Fortune Clock also offers a great range of offers for new and existing players, with up to €2,250 in bonuses available across your first three deposits.

Agent No Wager

This site mixes together all our favourite ingredients for a top-notch online casino not on Gamstop: tons of great slots, action-packed table games, live dealers standing by around the clock and an easy-to-use sportsbook.

But that’s not our main reason for recommending Agent No Wager so strongly. No, what really makes us happy about this online casino site is its approach to bonuses!

Welcome bonuses are a great way to get players onto a site, and to keep them playing, but many sites’ bonuses come with some fairly tough clearance conditions; having to play through a bonus up to 40x in order to make it available for withdrawal is not uncommon. That’s why Agent No Wager’s wagering requirement of just 1x for its welcome bonuses is, for want of a better word, so welcome!

We love this straightforward approach to bonuses, and we think you will too, so go and see what else Agent No Wager has to offer.

All Cashback Casino

This non Gamstop casino site focuses its efforts when it comes to bonuses on giving players cashback. They even worked it into the name of the casino. See what they did there?

We think cashback is a wonderful idea, especially as it gives you more to play with when you need it the most, i.e. when you’ve been losing. But as we’ve seen, many casinos not on Gamstop can attach some fairly tough conditions when it comes to clearing bonus funds. Not with cashback bonuses at All Cashback Casino, however, where these funds must be wagered only 1x before they can be withdrawn.

That’s not all, though, as players are able to easily contact support directly to request cashback on casino losses every day, week and month! Giving players a cut of their losses back is something we applaud, and would love to see more casinos doing on a regular basis. Maybe if you and others give more of your business to All Cashback Casino, others will follow their lead? Check it out for yourself to see if this site is right for you.

Pros and Cons non Gamstop Casinos

Gamblers love freedom, and the choice of whether or not to play at a non Gamstop casino site is up to you. But what are the key points you should consider when making that call?


Many non Gamstop casinos offer unlimited deposits
Generous welcome packages
Most feature casino, sports and slots in one place
Some have VIP Clubs for more bonuses and exclusive offers
Available to UK players even with a Gamstop ban
Dedicated apps often available for Android


Fewer responsible gaming tools than UKGC sites
Not all game providers are present on non Gamstop sites
Bonus clearance requirements can be tricky
No iOS apps available for any casino not on Gamstop
Bypassing Gamstop can cause problems for those facing addiction issues

Casino Providers and Slots not on Gamstop

Moving to an online casino not on Gamstop does not mean turning your back on your favourite games and providers. We know that slots fans in particular will have favourite games, and while it’s true that not all of those games will necessarily be available at a non Gamstop site, you might be surprised at the big name providers and slots that are waiting for you.

Microgaming is probably the biggest name in online slots, and their big money games like ‘Lucky Twins Jackpot’ can be found at numerous non Gamstop casino sites. Slots fans will also very likely be familiar with the name Netent, whose ‘Starburst’ slot is one of the most popular in the world, and we’re happy to report that this big name slot is available now at non Gamstop casinos.

It’s not uncommon for casinos not on Gamstop to feature a list of slots providers that runs into the dozens, so alongside huge licensed slot games like ‘Guns ‘N’ Roses’ and ‘Jimi Hendrix’ you’re sure to find some new favourites you may not have heard of before. Betsoft’s games tend to focus on great 3D graphics, bringing their slots like ‘Fruit Zen’ and ‘Gladiator’ to eye-popping life. Other providers with slots that are fun to play and pay out big include the likes of Leander, Revolver Gaming, Vivo and Mr Slotty. Shop around to find the site with the slots you love best!

Other Gambling Products Not on Gamstop

Whether it’s slots, casino games, sportsbook or the wealth of other games and activities available on these non Gamstop casinos that get you excited, there’s a lot to choose from.


You’ve probably noticed that the huge majority of online sportsbooks look and feel the same. There’s a logic to the structure of how a sportsbook is laid out, letting you easily browse different sports, events and markets and keeping your selections in a simple-to-manage virtual betslip. If you’ve used apps or online services from the biggest UK high street bookmakers, you’ll already be familiar with the layout.

And that’s good news when you move to a non Gamstop sportsbook, because you’ll find the experience is effectively unchanged! That’s right – just because you move to a lesser-known name it doesn’t mean your betting experience is going to suffer. The sports, markets and leagues you want, the bets you like, and even down to live streaming and esports; offering the same markets and functionality as the big names you’re probably already familiar with, online sports betting at a site not on Gamstop is like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes.


Why do so many gamblers love the game of poker? Aside from the obvious answer – it’s a game with gambling at its core – we think it’s a lot to do with the fact that poker gives you so much freedom. And us gamblers love freedom!

Making your own fortune through quick thinking, psychology and nerves of steel is appealing to anyone who wants to go their own way in life. You don’t need to beat the house, and you don’t need to be the best player in the world – or even at the table, for that matter! You just need to be better than one or two of the opposition…and wise enough to know who those players are!

You’ll find poker available at some non Gamstop sites, both in the single player casino versions (such as Caribbean Stud or Casino Hold’em) and the traditional multiplayer game. Texas Hold’em is the most popular and widely played format of the game these days, but you may also find a game of Omaha or even Five Card Draw.

Cash games, or ring games, allow players to sit down and play for as long as they like before picking up and leaving, whether that’s a day, an hour or a single hand later. Tournaments, on the other hand, take a single stake from each player before awarding the lion’s share to the last one standing.

Poker is available at some but not all non Gamstop casino sites, so shop around if you want to find the right site for you.


They call out the numbers, you mark them down, eventually someone wins. It sounds like simplicity itself when you describe it like that – and in some ways, it is – but experienced bingo fans will know there’s a little more to bingo than that.

Timing and concentration are great skills to have in your locker when it comes to bingo, but it’s also important to know what kind of bingo game you want to play. Different formats play differently, whether that’s taking longer to play out, easier to win, etc. And luckily, casino sites not on Gamstop usually have a few different bingo varieties to choose from. If you don’t yet know which one’s your favourite, check them all out and find out for yourself!

Many non-Gamstop sites also offer several variations on keno, which shares many similarities with bingo and is well worth trying out if you’re a bingo fan.


There was a time when lotteries were only available locally. If you lived in Texas, for example, you could play the Powerball for a chance at winning megabucks. But if you lived in a country where lotteries were not available, or were only available for much lower prizes, then your dreams of retiring on your Powerball winnings were just those: dreams.

Things have changed, though, and now thanks to the internet it’s possible to take part in lotteries from all over the world! In some cases a physical ticket will literally be bought on your behalf, but many other sites have hit upon a genius way of offering you the thrills and huge potential payouts of playing an international lottery without having to go through all that hassle.

They simply place your wager (i.e. ticket price) as insurance against those numbers coming up. In this way they are able to offer the same payouts as if you were taking part in the lottery directly, in whatever country that lottery is based. In this way you can even take part in lotteries that do not allow international players, perfectly legally.

Many betting sites not on Gamstop can offer a wide range of lotteries from all across the globe. Check them out now!

Is a non Gamstop Casino Something for you?

Gamstop exists to help gamblers who have addiction problems, so the first question you must ask yourself when considering playing at a non-Gamstop site is: do I have an addiction problem? If you suspect the answer to be yes, you should not play at a site which is not on Gamstop.

If you are simply seeking more gambling options online, weigh up the pros and cons of any new site but always read the Terms & Conditions to make sure you are in possession of all the facts.

Do play at a non Gamstop Casino if…

…you want to explore all your options as an online gambler.
…you enjoy huge bonuses, and can play a high volume to clear them.
…you like having lots of gambling options in one place (i.e. slots, casino, sports, etc.).
…you have control over your gambling behaviour.

Don’t play at a Casino not covered by Gamstop if…

…you struggle with gambling addiction.
…you do not have the bankroll to play safely.
…you are not willing to read and understand the site’s Ts&Cs.

Blocking Yourself From Online Casino

Most gambling sites, including those not on Gamstop, will offer some responsible gaming tools, although these are likely to be better provided by the bigger names who are able to sign up to schemes like Gamstop.

Gamstop is not the only way to block yourself from online gambling, however, and if you are concerned that gambling may be becoming a problem for you, we recommend looking into the work of the following organisations.


The free, UK-wide responsible gaming scheme for online gaming, blocks access to UKGC-licensed sites for a period of 6-months to five years.


This is a paid-for service which lets participants block their own access to gambling sites and apps on all devices including laptops, phones and tablets.


Another option for blocking access to gambling sites on laptops, phones and tablets, this is often used at an institutional level – blocking gambling sites on library or school computers, for example.


BetBlocker can be installed on a computer or mobile device in order to both block and control access to gambling sites. This is different from an outright block as some limited access can be granted.

Why BetBlocker?

BetBlocker is free to use, covers a huge amount of websites, and features a parental block option which can allow for some limited, controlled access to gambling sites. It is available on a device-by-device level, and is free to download for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is the process reversible?

No. As with almost all these schemes, the process is irreversible and once implemented cannot be simply undone.

What happens later?

BetBlocker offers a very flexible range of time periods for self-exclusion, from a single day up to five years. If you have self-excluded for a period of time up to and including one month, your ban will be automatically lifted once it has expired. For any length of time greater than that, you will need to request the ban to be lifted, which it will be after a further one-week cooling off period.

Banking Options at Non Gamstop Casinos

As a rough and ready guide, most casino sites not on Gamstop will usually accept the following payment methods:

Debit and Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the majority of non Gamstop online casinos. Note that conversion fees may apply if you are playing in a different currency to that which you are using to deposit.

Bitcoin and Crypto

The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is growing everywhere online, including on non Gamstop casino sites. Not every site will accept crypto deposits at the moment, but we can see this changing as time goes by.


eWallets are a great way to make guaranteed payments online, often while maintaining anonymity, and are accepted at a great many casino sites not on Gamstop. Be aware it is much easier to remain anonymous while depositing than it is while withdrawing. Paypal is generally not accepted as a payment method by non-Gamstop casinos.


The most common payment method is by bank. Most players on non gamstop casinos prefer this one. Safe and sound as always and very quick.
Direct bank transfers are often the simplest way to move money online, and most if not all non Gamstop sites will offer some form of bank or wire transfer. Users should check if any fees are applicable by contacting their bank directly.

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